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Sec. 9.1 The board may appoint standing committees and temporary committees. 

Committees shall make recommendations to the board for board action. Committees shall not have the power to act on behalf of the organization without authorization from the board.

Sect 9.2 Standing Committees

The standing committees may include but are not limited to:

a. Elections committee: Develops election procedures and standing rules for elections and other related matters in accordance with the bylaws; and is responsible for planning and conducting elections in accordance with the current election procedures.

b. Community activities committee: Responsible for investigating, planning, and making recommendations regarding activities including, but not limited to, senior activities, youth enrichment, parks, education, public works and public safety issues and actions affecting the NSHNC; serves to connect the NSHNC members to neighborhood programs and institutions; and is responsible for organizing the NSHNC picnic.

c. Budget and finance committee: Prepares and presents the annual budget to the board; monitors and tracks expenditures annually, confirming that all the NSHNC bylaws and guidelines are met; and provides a financial report of the preceding year to the board in the first quarter of the subsequent year. The treasurer serves on this committee and cannot chair this committee.

d. Communications and outreach committee: Promotes interest in the NSHNC, publicizes the NSHNC activities, produces and administers communications including, but not limited to, a newsletter, a web-based presence, and social media.

Sec. 9.3 Temporary Committees

The board shall create temporary committees, including, but not limited to, a bylaws review committee and an annual financial review committee, as needed for limited duration activities.

Sec. 9.4 Committee Creation and Authorization

a. Committee authority: All committee recommendations shall be brought back to the board for discussion and action.

b. Committee structure and appointment.

1. Committee members shall be appointed and approved by the board.

2. Standing committees shall be comprised of at least one (1) board member and may include members as designated by the board. Temporary committees shall be comprised of one (1) board member and may include members as designated by the board.

3. All committee and subcommittee chairs shall be approved by the board. The chairs shall ensure that written minutes of committee meetings are kept and shall provide regular reports on committee matters to the board.

4. Members of the board are eligible to serve as chair of a standing committee. A member may serve as chair or co-chair of a standing committee, subject to approval of the board.

5. Each member’s term on a committee shall be for a period of up to one (1) year unless terminated or extended by action of the board.

c. Committee meetings: Committee meetings shall be called by the chair or co-chair.

d. Changes to committees: The board may make changes as needed to any standing or temporary committee. Any such action by the board shall be noted in the board minutes.

e. Removal of committee members: Committee members may be removed in the same manner by which they were appointed. Appeals may be filed with the board.

Sec. 9.5 Committee Member Resignation

A committee member may resign from the NSHNC committee(s) may for any reason by notifying the board in writing or as deemed ineligible by the board or a committee member shall resign if he or she ceases to be a resident within the boundaries of the NSHNC.