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The NSHNC shall abide by all Washington laws and regulations relative to public meetings and public records. Official action(s) taken by the NSHNC must be on record as part of the minutes of each general membership and board meeting. The minutes shall include a record of attendance and the results of any vote(s) taken.

The NSHNC shall keep at its principal or registered office copies of its current Articles of Incorporation and bylaws; correct and adequate records of accounts and finances; minutes of the proceedings of its members and board, and any minutes maintained by committees of the board; records of the name and address and class, if applicable of each member and board member, and of the name and post office address of each officer; and such other records as may be necessary or advisable. All books and records shall be available for review by the members, the general public or government agencies at any time reasonably requested, and current financial records shall be available for review at any general membership meeting.