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Any person or group who objects to a decision, policy or action or believes they are adversely affected by a decision, policy or action of the NSHNC may file a petition in writing with the board.

a. The petitioning party shall be known as the "petitioner.”

b. Grievance components: The petition shall include the name and address of the petitioner, the nature of the grievance, and a suggested remedy.

c. Within seven (7) days of receipt of the petition, the board shall arrange a mutually acceptable time and place with the petitioner for a review of the complaint, and shall, in writing, within thirty (30) days, recommend a resolution of the grievance.

d. If the board and the petitioner cannot reach agreement, an attempt shall be made to resolve the complaint through mediation. If mediation fails to reach agreement, final resolution of the complaint shall be by a majority vote of the membership at a general or special meeting.