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Sec. 2.1 Mission Statement

To create a community among residents where we all work together to recognize strengths and issues of concern, solicit input from each other, propose actions and work with each other and the City of Kent to enhance the quality of our life on North Scenic Hill.

Sec. 2.2 Purposes

a. To maintain and enhance community awareness and livability of North Scenic Hill residents by offering a forum, a shared sense of responsibility, and open communication for neighborhood concerns and goals.

b. To maintain an open line of communication and liaison among North Scenic Hill residents, business licensees and nonprofit organizations of the neighborhood, the City of Kent, government agencies, other participating agencies, and other neighborhoods.

c. To provide an open process by which all members may involve themselves in the affairs of the NSHNC.

d. To facilitate the exchange of information among members of the NSHNC.

e. To support policies, practices, and decisions of the NSHNC.

f. To be organized for educational, social, and charitable purposes. To perform activities related to said purposes, to have all the powers granted, and to engage in any lawful activity for which nonprofit corporations may be organized.