On June 19, 2018, the Kent City Council joined by Mayor Dana Ralph recognized the North Scenic Hill Neighborhood Council as the 39th neighborhood council in Kent.

This official recognition was preceded by months of organizational planning by a group of interested residents on North Scenic Hill. Earlier in 2018 after the Kent City Council voted to end the old Scenic Hill Neighborhood Council, Toni Azzola, Kent Neighborhood Program Coordinator, helped a planning group of residents learn about the steps for starting a new neighborhood council. This group’s motto was “Participating positively to form a new neighborhood council on North Scenic Hill.”

Over several months, the planning group’s committees wrote council bylaws, developed neighborhood activity proposals, and worked on a website. After much good effort, all the details were ready for getting an official registration form prepared to present to the Kent City Council, which resulted in the recognition of the North Scenic Neighborhood Council in June 2018.